About Us

DIntecom provides a full range of professional software development and consulting services:

  • Development and customization of applications to keep pace with the new ways of doing business;
  • Knowledge Discovery in Databases (Clustering, Pattern discovery, Detection of out of pattern transactions);
  • Hosting on Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure) clouds.


ASP.Net Core 2.0
Angular 2, Bootstrap
Entity framework

Dining Manager

ASP.Net Core 2.0
Angular 4, Bootstrap
Entity Framework

Document Manager

ASP.Net Core 1.0
Angular JS, Bootstrap
Entity Framework

Dining Manager

Dining Manager has all the things a dining service director would want a program to do.

Social media ranking billboard

The app takes social mentions, news mentions and votes, then calculates a single score per day, week and all-time. The score doesn’t just combine mentions, it grades them on a scale so that rank #1 and rank #100 are relevant in terms of where those mentions originated.

Web-based Document Manager

XML based configuration utility makes it easy to add new setup parameters, XML upload to an off-site
PCL to Tiff to PDF conversion transforms print stream into multi page images,
Flexible custom control allows to place signature anywhere on the document,
Encrypted signature image and its biometrics are bound to the document,
Document type based indexing ensures advanced archiving,
Scanner interface allows to add pages to an existing documents or create new ones